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Time for a Spring Clean?

Spring is most definitely upon us now and after a horrible winter up and down the UK many of us are ready for a fresh start and what better way to bring in spring than with a good clear out.  Many of you may think of a spring clean as simply polishing your silverware or vacuum out under that sofa that never gets moved, but a proper clear out can leave your home looking and feeling refreshed.  As well as clearing out clutter it can also be a good time to clear out any old and tired looking furniture and repair or replace it with new.

To start with I would like to offer some basic tips for spring cleaning, whilst it may sound obvious to some a great way to start is to tackle the house room by room.  Start by taking out any ornaments photos or plants you have in the room, and give them a good clean, maybe even pop the plants outside to give them a bit of direct sunlight as a treat.  You can then get proper access to all your furniture pull it out and clean around it.

Cleaning Products

Whilst you have your furniture pulled out away from its usual position you can really get a good look at it in the open and notice any marks blemishes or damage that need attention.  Look out for our future article on restoring tired furniture, but for now keep in mind that this is an option.  Of course another option is to replace old for new and get some quality chic furniture in your home to brighten up your room during the spring clean process.

As you pull out furniture and start to move the room around to give it a proper clean you will likely notice wear and tear to your wall paper and décor, if this is the case then it could be a great time to decide to re-decorate.  Why not transform the spring clean not just as a clearout of old junk but as a complete rethink of the rooms, or at least one of the rooms in your property.  Spruce it up with a more modern décor and some chic furniture pieces to reflect the way you plan to use the room going forward.  This is a perfect way to make the most of your home, why not completely re purpose an underused room to create a home office or that games room you have always wanted.

living room

Before you start putting the items back into the room you can start to think it this something I need? Is it something I want to keep? Does it fit with my ideas for my new way of living? You can literally use the spring clean to change your lifestyle for the better with a positive way of thinking.