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The Beauty of Wood furniture

People have been making furniture from wood for thousands of years probably initially due to the abundance of the natural material and the ease at which it can be shaped.  This very quickly though progressed into an artform with evidence of stylized pieces of furniture dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greek times.  It is no surprise that wooden furniture still popular thousands of years later, the striking undulations of wood grain can provide an attractive focal piece for your room.

Ancient Wood Table

Wood can come in many different colours and whilst you may think of wood as brown the variations from a pale light ash to a red tinted mahogany can be great. With wood being  natural product you can have two pieces that are from the same type of tree but unless they are from the exact same part of the same tree then you will have variations in colour and grain.  Even if you have two pieces cut from the same tree there will be variations in the grain and sometimes even in the colouring.  This is generally thought of as an attractive feature which emphasises the natural origin of the product.  In some furniture applications variation in colour would be undesirable and this is why you find many stained or painted furniture pieces available for sale.

There are so many different types of wood available and its safe to assume that almost every species of tree has been used at some point to make furniture.  Each tree will have its own unique properties which will bring interesting features to any furniture that it is crafted into.  The burrs that can be found in walnut and other woods whilst in fact an irregularity in the wood can be crafted into a stunning feature and are very sought after by furniture makers.  Burr wood panels are often cut into veneers and inlaid into other woods to provide a  beautifully contrasting section.

Burrs in Wood

Beautiful wood furniture does not have to be solid wood of course there are plenty of other options that can look equally stunning.  Wood veneers are a great option as they can offer all the beauty of a solid wood piece often at a fraction of the cost.  Veneers are a thin slice of solid wood that it applied to the outer surface of another material usually wood composite to give the impression of a solid wood piece.  Veneered furniture can have other advantages over solid wood as it is much less likely to warp or split when used in areas where heat can be a problem.

Composite wood is also a very useful material to work with and can come in many different forms.  The most common is MDF which is very commonly used in furniture nowadays.  MDF is much easier to shape when compared to hardwoods and can be used to produce intricate designs that would not be possible with a solid wood board.  The main downside to MDF is the look, it is very bland and does not feature any of the natural grain of real wood, fortunately it is very easy to veneer or paint and you will find that most high gloss wood furniture is made of MDF.  Another popular wood composite is plywood which is created by bonding thin sheets of wood together in multiple layers.  It has many benefits in that it can be bent into complex curves and is also very strong.  Plywood can be a very beautiful product as it will retain all the natural grain of the wood on its faces and will also have a unique striped appearance on the side where you can see the different layers.

I hope I have manages to share with you some of my enthusiasm for wood not only as a beautiful material but also for its uses in furniture.  I could write about the beauty of wood furniture all day, but even better you can head on over to our store and browse some simply stunning pieces for yourself.