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General Furniture

  • Renting out your property

    People move house for a lot of reasons, maybe you have come into some money and want to upsize or have a new job and are thinking of relocating.  The natural solution for most homeowners wanting to move would be to advertise your home for sale and look for a new one to buy, but selling your home is not the only option.  You can keep your house and rent it out, if you can find a suitable tenant this can be a better option as you are building up a property portfolio and gaining a regular income.  If you can afford the initial outlay to invest in another property and also keep the property you already own it could be a very shrewd move, especially with house prices on the up the value of your asset should increase accordingly.  There are some obvious pitfalls to renting but read on and I will try and help you avoid them.

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  • Time for a Spring Clean?

    Spring is most definitely upon us now and after a horrible winter up and down the UK many of us are ready for a fresh start and what better way to bring in spring than with a good clear out.  Many of you may think of a spring clean as simply polishing your silverware or vacuum out under that sofa that never gets moved, but a proper clear out can leave your home looking and feeling refreshed.  As well as clearing out clutter it can also be a good time to clear out any old and tired looking furniture and repair or replace it with new.

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  • Chic furniture for property developers

    If you are a property developer renovating houses to turn over a profit then of course the the things that will get the majority of your focus and take the most of your attention are the structural aspects of the build.  You need to ensure the delipidated property that you have bought is restored to a habitable state so you can sell it on and make your money.  Of course you want the house to look nice but the furniture you put in into the house when you have prospective buyers coming to view it can often be an afterthought.  You may even choose to view the house without furniture inside but here is why I think it is essential and also my suggestions on how to choose the right furniture. Continue reading

  • The Beauty of Wood furniture

    People have been making furniture from wood for thousands of years probably initially due to the abundance of the natural material and the ease at which it can be shaped.  This very quickly though progressed into an artform with evidence of stylized pieces of furniture dating back to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greek times.  It is no surprise that wooden furniture still popular thousands of years later, the striking undulations of wood grain can provide an attractive focal piece for your room.

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