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Chic furniture for property developers

If you are a property developer renovating houses to turn over a profit then of course the the things that will get the majority of your focus and take the most of your attention are the structural aspects of the build.  You need to ensure the delipidated property that you have bought is restored to a habitable state so you can sell it on and make your money.  Of course you want the house to look nice but the furniture you put in into the house when you have prospective buyers coming to view it can often be an afterthought.  You may even choose to view the house without furniture inside but here is why I think it is essential and also my suggestions on how to choose the right furniture.

As a developer the work you do on a house is just that work, it is obviously a business for you so every decision you make along the way should be taken as a business decision.  You have to weigh up every single expenditure against the profit it will generate.  You have to also ensure the work you do will be tailored towards the target market of your property.  You will be looking at the target price that you want to sell the property for and thinking what the buyers would expect from a property at that price, then trying to do all the necessary work to achieve this standard whilst maximizing your profit.

Show Home

So where you may be thinking does furniture come into the equation?  Think of it this way when you decorate your newly renovated project you will try to keep it fairly neutral trying to appeal to as many people as possible.  Keeping it simple with simple light fittings and muted hues painted across the walls because its tried and tested and you know most people will like it.  This will probably be like second nature to you as a property developer so you may wonder why I am bringing it up but the answer is simple.  You wouldn’t try to sell a house undecorated, so why would you want to show people round an unfurnished house?  As a property developer you probably have a creative mind and can visualise what the house looks like completed but it is a mistake to think every potential buyer will have this skill.

The decoration along with the furniture allow you to dress the house to show off its potential and create a homely space that people will want to live in.  It can be easy to forget as a developer that when someone comes to view one of your finished projects they are not viewing it as a business prospect like you were they are viewing it as a potential home.  Buying a home is an emotional decision anyone coming to view it will be thinking of it as somewhere to live for the foreseeable future.  The buyer may be looking at your property as somewhere to raise a family or even as somewhere to retire and spend the rest of their life.  If you can tap into this emotion you could have the buyer making the decision with their hearts instead of their wallets and that is a great way to maximize your profit.

When choosing the chic furniture you will use to dress your property you should consider that you will probably not sell the furniture along with the house, of course if you do that is a bonus and potentially extra profit.  The furniture you use in this house should be chosen as furniture you will dress your next project with come selling time, and then the project after that.  You want to choose furniture that is timeless so do not go ultra modern, obviously I wouldn't recommend spending thousands on antiques either but you want to find a clear middle ground.  You want to think of it in the same way as the decoration and try to appeal to the widest possible audience.

Designer reproduction furniture is always a good place to start, high quality pieces are available for very reasonable prices and will generally have widespread appeal.  You will know that a piece that has been popular for the last 50-100 years is likely to be popular for at least another 20 years and probably much longer meaning it can be re-used to dress your upcoming projects for the foreseeable future.  Sturdy wood furniture is another good idea as it never really goes out of fashion just don’t go for designs that are too quirky, keep it simple and you will see the benefits.  It is important to look for furniture that will be quite durable, even though you will not actually be using it you may be moving it round to dress two or three project houses a year and if you are lucky even more.  Just make sure it is quality furniture that looks good and can stand being moved around a fair bit and you should be on to a winner.

House Sold
To try and summarise the important things to get into your mindset when you come to sell the property it to try to appeal to the buyer.  Whilst this sounds simple and you already do this to an extent try to think like the large property development companies.  When they build a development of houses they will always have a show home that will be the first to go up, and they will dress this suitably to attract the most buyers possible.  Even if you are only renovating or building one or two homes you still want to create a show home to sell from.  Tap into the buyers emotions, make them feel like they could actually live there and would want to live there and before long you will have offers flying in.